Grants and Scholarships

What are the differences between grants and scholarships? How about which one should you apply to first? One thing to note before jumping in, grants and scholarships are both rewarded aid towards higher education. A student does not need to pay anything back, because these two are not loans. Those are awarded finical aid money, which can be for an online college or any online college degree if that scholarship or grant states so. 


Grants are a federal supplement of support based on income or finical disability. In this case, a grant like the Federal Pell Grant is where an individual will apply if they fall below the average income level. This includes dependents, so you would send in your family‚Äôs annual income level. Education grants are not so much awarded as they are given to individuals in need to attend online college. Grants cover solely income-based assistance. There is no need to send for a field study-specific type of grant. 


Scholarships are awarded to a participant that sends in an application that exuberates academic excellence, leadership, determined dedication to higher education like an online bachelor’s degree. Any more scholarships are readily available for distance learning education or online college. A student can even apply for an online bachelor’s degree solely if you have all the right requirements met already. Also, scholarships are specific like grants, however, applying for a scholarship requires creativity, sometimes that means writing an essay, a biography, a determined strength in leadership, etc. 

However, both grants for education and scholarships can go towards online college degrees. Since the pandemic, most grants and scholarships are making sure that this can be utilized in this fashion. This means a distance learning education can be achieved with a grant or scholarship and most times even combined to acquire a decent amount of tuition covered plus fees. 

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