$1,000 Bohn and Fletcher Scholarship

What is the Bohn and Fletcher $1,000 scholarship? Firstly, Bohn and Flecther is an attorney law firm. So right off the bat, a paralegal may be something you may have your field study in. This online education scholarship is dedicated to those new paralegal students that have beliefs within themselves. Because an attorney team is just that, a team. You will work together and show how, Bohn And Fletcher acted as a steppingstone.

Bohn and Fletcher are about serving a community, and this is what you will be writing about for their application essay at 1,500 words. This is a scholarship for college students because the main requirement is that you are already enrolled as an undergraduate or have been at least received an acceptance letter. This scholarship can be utilized as a distance learning tool, just contact Bohn and Fletcher to see how they would like to distribute the award of $1,000.

Within your essay, you must make a video recording, which is explained to be at least between 4 – 10 minutes, where you will explain the main elements of your essay. Describing if the legal law has helped you through something, or if something has obstructed your life. If the video you send in looks rehearsed, more than likely you will not be accepted, Bohn and Fletcher want a purely natural explanation.

It is noted on the attorneys at law website that these submissions from students can be shared publicly, so keep in mind that what you send in will be shared. Another credited aspect is to make a photocopy of your acceptance letter or already enrollment of the accredited online college courses.

When submitting your application what should a student follow, first you are going to email your application to scholarship@bohnlaw.com. Then you will include all the valuable information such as an address, email, and phone number. Your essay must be in Word Document format and evidence of your current online college courses or online education university. Then you will transfer all that information to their Dropbox.

The separate ways the $1,000 can be sent is through PayPal, check, or even directly to your accredited school.

 What about the deadline? August 2021 is the deadline, however, since the pandemic contact Bohn and Fletcher at (408) 279 – 4222. You will know if you have been awarded the scholarship after fifteen days.

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