Scholarships for Adults Returning to College

It may be hard to imagine that adults over 21 years of age can still apply for a scholarship… but you can. One main scholarship is called Imagine America Scholarship. The Imagine America Scholarship does award $1,000 who intend on expanding their online education to earn and improve their lives with an online degree. 

Now as an adult, no matter how old, you can find scholarships for college students. But all you will need is to be specific. In this case, a scholarship is called the Working Parent College Scholarship Award. This award is strictly for working parents only, and an award of $1,000. 

What is interesting about these adult scholarships for college students is that there are so many scholarships to apply to that your kind of given a guaranteed award. However, it is best to look for a scholarship that fits your situation. Whether it’s being a parent, a working parent, divorced parent, or single, be sure to find and read through scholarships that identify your current situation.

More available scholarships between the $1,000 – $10,000 scholarships for adult college students. 

  • Peterson’s Undergraduate Scholarship – $2,500 awarded
  • Zelus Recovery – for substance abuse adults who are looking to get their life back on track – $1,000
  • Custody X Change Giving Fund for Single Parents – $1,000
  • Ford ReStart Program – $25,000
  • Sylvia Lask Scholarship Committee – $2,500
  • Adult Students in Scholastic Transition – $2,500

The best part about online college courses is that there is no discrimination on age, especially with distance learning. Some college courses are free, they just require students to pay for the certificate after the course is finished. But where do you look for an adult online education? Easy, start searching! Let’s help with some distance learning online college courses and online degrees.

  • Check out accelerated degree courses/programs. These courses allow adults to pretty much speed up to earn their degree.
  • Flexible online college courses that allow a working adult or parent to make their hours.
  • Did you know you can use some of your own real-life work experience to help earn college credits? And with certain distance learning programs, they will just exempt aspects so there is no need to go over something you’ve already gained experience in. 

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