$1,000 Edward Gersich Distance Online Education Scholarship

Online education has become the ultimate way for furthering education without the worry of being isolated by the pandemic or delay. That’s why the Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship is not only fitting for those needing a $1,000 advancement towards higher learning. But Bemidji State University showcases their online/distance learning to a few department-based rewards that become only useable to undergraduate scholars. You can complete your Bachelor’s degree in their distance learning program. All that the university asks is that you have 24 college credits to transfer over to begin your 3rd year of schooling. If you do not have these credits, you are required to attend classes on campus. Here is a list of fields that are accepted to BSU: Accounting, Applied Engineering, Applied Management, Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Marketing Communication, Project Management, Psychology, and Sociology. 

Bemidji State University advocates for creative, hardworking students who feel or are currently involved in protecting and educating themselves about the environment. This university serves around 5,100 students per year, while this college has been named as the greenest college campus’ in America by The Princeton Review.

Scholarships for college students, especially for undergraduates are a bit daunting in today’s world. Nonetheless, Bemidji State University cherishes the opportunity for American Indian RN-BS Nursing students, under the scholarship program to apply under the Program titled Niganawenimaanaanig. You can gain your 1-year valid award at BSU which is located in Bemidji, Minnesota.

To enter the application, first, find the application under “Foundation Scholarship Application.” This application is currently centered around the Fall of 2021/Spring 2022. BSU has combined a few elements all to be accessible in one application. This is where one application can grant you immediate access to enter up to 400 different types of scholarships that BSU is offering out.

The advantage of BSU combining each department into a single scholarship application leads to the very real fact that all online college courses are accessible. Distance learning is offered in all most field areas! Now, these field areas do center around the environment and protecting the environment around the campus.

Added Bonus, Living a Green Life

Bemidji State University does actively teach their students how to live a green and sustainable life. While the students can apply to the volunteer group, The MN GreenStep Cities Program to help Minnesota inch closer to being a green sustainable state.

Earn your online education without leaving your home, but still being able to save the incredible lake surrounding BSU.

Be on the lookout for this Fall when submissions open back up. The typical deadline is February 1st, however, this year they had extended it to February 15th, and it was all applications & awards that used this deadline to submit.

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