$20,000 Strayer University Graduation Fund Opportunities

Strayer University has a few scholarship and grant opportunities. There is the $500 Strayer Referral Scholarship, $1,000 Alumni Scholarship, and up to $20,000 Strayer Graduation Fund.

Strayer University has revolutionized the distance learning online world. With a recognition towards students who are looking to further their education and for those that cannot afford a campus university’s tuition, Strayer University goes out of its way to address those individuals.

Primarily, Strayer is an accredited online education where a degree from this college is universally recognized and treated as a high-quality online degree. With a staff that focuses on a quality education designed to allow students to pursue exactly what they choose to without the fluff or discredited nonsense.

To begin, Strayer has a form on the right-hand side of their website to address how your graduation fund can pay for your degree, along with your course options. As well as, finding what classes fit your schedule to accommodate a flexible timeframe.

Spring classes start on April 5, 2021, so it would be best to get going on sending in your information about what courses are still currently open. Strayer offers a deal by saying you can finish your bachelor’s degree for only $20, 000, considering that must request a $60,000 minimum. If you have 30 quarter credits or above, or instead an associate degree you can transfer over without any problem. After filling out the form you will be able to talk with an admissions officer to start the official process.

The Extra Mile

Strayer believes in their students, in fact to the point where they offer their students a new laptop. By enrolling in one of their bachelor’s programs, you will automatically receive a new laptop set up with all the proper software.

To receive the most out of your Strayer Fund, apply to the Graduation Fund that can cover an entire payment geared towards your bachelor’s degree. Strayer students already receiving finical aid and enrolled cannot apply to this fund. Strayer is for military individuals seeking a higher education.

An incredible aspect is the available mentoring offered for each student. A student services coach will be assigned, to you at no extra cost. With your tutor guiding your way, you will not be left in the dark on a subject in need of answers.

If you are an active-duty military or veteran, you will receive Strayers benefits, so will their spouses or partners, along with other service members.

With several degree programs at your hands such as a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Associate’s, and MBA classes readily available, all it takes is to choose the one meant to further and accredit your degree to the utmost value.

The associate degrees follow the basics needed to reach a bachelor’s degree. So, no need to feel mixed up on what course you would need to progress too next. Each student is guided throughout each class.

Strayer has over 70+ campuses if you would feel more comfortable showing up in our classrooms, the university accommodates both online and in-person students.

The deadline is the beginning of April since Spring classes start, go ahead, and send in the form to start your higher quality education.

Website: https://learning.strayer.edu/

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