$2,000 Optimal Community College Scholarship

Community college scholarships may consist of $500 – $1,000, however, Optimal’s is around $2,000. Optimal tends to be the college choice for many adult college students who are continuing their higher education after a few years or people simply starting over to start a new path. Optimal helps individuals figure out their post-graduate choices. 

Who is Optimal? Optimal is a team of professionals wanting to help others succeed in their quest for a higher degree or higher education. CEO Sung Rhee founded Optimal in 2004, and ever since there has been crafted data-driven understanding between scholarship information and students. Allowing students to make better decisions about their field study of choice. Optimal has such a dedicated team that you can receive and one-on-one mentor advice to help navigate those treacherous roads towards excellence. 

Also, Optimal has 4 products that can aid students further, they are GradReports, OnlineU, SwitchUp, And GraduatePrograms. There Graduate Programs offers doctorate and the top master’s degree options. 

This program is dedicated to offering students the best price range and availability for college courses. What is Optimal’s main mission then? Exactly what every student looks for! A higher education that’s affordable and within reach. 

Requirements for sending in this application. 

  • Be older than sixteen years of age
  • Applications must be in before March 31st
  • U.S. citizens, but this excludes Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Rhode Island, and Guam
  • Check the contest rules
  • Must already be enrolled to an accredited college like a community college, technical, city, junior, first-time bachelor’s level

What does a student turn in with the application?

Offer your own voice, you will need to answer two questions that need each application to be thoughtful, provoking, and full of heart. 

When you send in your application you will receive an entry notice and that Optimal has received your application. Judges will see if your answers to these two questions have conviction, persuasiveness, and well-written response. 

Optimal only wants to reward the students who are serious about finding a career with this newest venture. Any student will fill out on their website that already has the application setting ready here: https://www.optimal.com/scholarships/community-college-scholarship

Or if you have any more questions or inquiries reference their FAQ page: https://www.optimal.com/scholarships/faq

The deadline is March 31, 2021, so hurry up! Awardees will be notified in a 10-day maximum. 

Optimal does have an undergraduate scholarship available if that would fit a student’s needs more. 

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