Online Ivy League Scholarships

Did you know it was possible to take free online distance learning from an ivy league school? And you can start pretty much immediately! Ever since the pandemic has turned work from home, a real reality, schooling has followed in the same steps. Here are a few scholarships for college students, where free ivy league courses are available. Columbia, Harvard University, Penn State, Brown, and Princeton. The online education you can receive from these ivy leagues is the same as if you were going to classes on campus. There are nearly 500 online college courses. What courses are available at Harvard: ProgrammingHumanitiesBusinessHealth & MedicineComputer ScienceArt and DesignScienceData ScienceSocial SciencesMathematicsEducation and Teaching What courses are available at Yale: AstronomyAfrican American StudiesAmerican… Read the rest

Education Grants for Military Spouses

What is in store for military spouses that are looking to earn a higher distance learning education? Benefits towards an online college or online college degrees are in the high available numbers for military spouses. No matter what branch your spouse may be in with the military, there are possible benefits for each section.  We are going to provide one grant for education listed with the branch that offers this online college opportunity.  Army – The Army’s Spouse Education Assistance ProgramCoast Guard – The CGMA Supplemental Education Grant ProgramMarine/Navy – The NMCRS Education Assistance Program Most programs are to help spouses further a secondary distance learning education or even if they are starting ours as first-time students.  Who provides these… Read the rest

Scholarships for Adults Returning to College

It may be hard to imagine that adults over 21 years of age can still apply for a scholarship… but you can. One main scholarship is called Imagine America Scholarship. The Imagine America Scholarship does award $1,000 who intend on expanding their online education to earn and improve their lives with an online degree.  Now as an adult, no matter how old, you can find scholarships for college students. But all you will need is to be specific. In this case, a scholarship is called the Working Parent College Scholarship Award. This award is strictly for working parents only, and an award of $1,000.  What is interesting about these adult scholarships for college students is that there are so many… Read the rest

Grants and Scholarships

What are the differences between grants and scholarships? How about which one should you apply to first? One thing to note before jumping in, grants and scholarships are both rewarded aid towards higher education. A student does not need to pay anything back, because these two are not loans. Those are awarded finical aid money, which can be for an online college or any online college degree if that scholarship or grant states so.  Grants Grants are a federal supplement of support based on income or finical disability. In this case, a grant like the Federal Pell Grant is where an individual will apply if they fall below the average income level. This includes dependents, so you would send in… Read the rest

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