Bursaries for Students with Autism

Autism has many bursaries that do act as an education grant, that’s available for families seeking assistance for the right amount of finical aid. With merit-based or need-based scholarships it can be difficult for a family to find the right type of scholarship or bursary for their autistic high schooler. This goes for anyone diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, adult or teen, so they can attend a university with the proper assistance. Internet courses are available with one-on-one teachers.

School counselors, teachers, or even better university academic advisors will help parents and students with autism. These different scholarships are designed to help with finical aid for autistic students. As of now with the pandemic internet courses have become the main choice: 

  • Autism Delaware Scholarships – $1,000 
  • Jacob Trotter Memorial Scholarship – $500 
  • Avonte Oquendo Memorial Scholarship for Autism – education grant – $5,000 
  • Autism Family Services of New Jersey Scholarship – $1,000 

While these are not the only scholarships available, the best suggestion is to check per state you live in and plan on attending University. Be sure to check out the internet courses available per state as well.

Even contacting the Organization for Autism Research will aid in finding what bursaries are available for you. The Schwallie Scholarship receives many applications and even awards many applicants, scholarships can be a 4-year paid tuition or distance learning courses.

An added note is that there is typically an essay portion that may be a bit difficult for autistic soon-to-be college freshmen. But the application process just accepts what you genuinely and in a heartfelt way write. In no way is it deemed to be difficult, but it can be to those that have trouble when it comes to expressing emotions. If needed, as someone to help you craft exactly what you want to say.

Greatly, local communities do have bursaries set up to help autistic individuals. For instance, For the Adults with Autism Scholarships, our of Delaware has an excellent resource to help go through which applications best fit you. These research centers even have distance learning courses. Local communities usually have online courses available for autism. 

Contact an autism research center to find out more about higher education distance learning courses, or an education grant. Online courses are safer for now until the pandemic ceases.

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