$500,000 Go Girl! Grant

Women who are searching for a higher and quality education can end up paying nearly all the tuition fees. However, The Girlfriend Factor is changing that reality and making it so that all women can earn a distance learning degree. $500,000 is offered as the grant award and will go towards a 4-year accredited school online.

The qualifications presented are here: you must live and attend university in Coachella Valley, CA, a minimum of 25 years old and then every age after. You must show that this educational path will lead to employment at some point. Must be accredited schools online or on campus, already enrolled with a minimum of two classes, and one must apply for Federal Finical Aid scholarship application(s).

The biggest qualification is showing your passionate nature towards the educational degree you want to acquire. This grant is also a community-based aid, the more you show your involvement and contribution the better.

There are two application reviewing periods, January and July. Before sending in an application look at the fact that you are required to send them in on the 15th of June and December. Check out The Girlfriend Factor to uncover more scholarship applications available. Like Go Girl! Graduates, Go Girl! Recipients, and Personalized Giving Grants. Each of them follows similar qualifications.

What do you need to earn a distance learning degree? Be sure to have a single page autobiography detailing your passionate venture towards the career of your dreams. Also offer the cost of your educational goal with the course of study, this helps to identify what you’ll need for a 4-year attendance distance learning degree. Be sure to prepare 3 reliable references, and an interview will shortly follow.

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