$6,495 Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant can easily help secure undergraduate students towards a higher education involving a bachelor’s or master’s degree. First and foremost, all students will need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You must do this every year to receive substantial federal student aid.  How do you know you qualify for a Federal Pell Grant even if you are an undergraduate? These four things will automatically be under review: your laid out plan to attend a full academic or part-time year, the family expected contribution, your status as a student, and the determined cost estimated by the school for your time and attendance. This does include distance learning degrees are viable as long as… Read the rest

$500,000 Go Girl! Grant

Women who are searching for a higher and quality education can end up paying nearly all the tuition fees. However, The Girlfriend Factor is changing that reality and making it so that all women can earn a distance learning degree. $500,000 is offered as the grant award and will go towards a 4-year accredited school online. The qualifications presented are here: you must live and attend university in Coachella Valley, CA, a minimum of 25 years old and then every age after. You must show that this educational path will lead to employment at some point. Must be accredited schools online or on campus, already enrolled with a minimum of two classes, and one must apply for Federal Finical Aid… Read the rest

How to Earn a Scholarship

First, you should understand that their steps involved when it comes to earning a scholarship. This can be based on several qualities, however, a 3.0 and above grade average will be needed. The second aspect that can garner you a scholarship is school attendance, and this goes for all either high school students or a first-year college student. Attendance does entirely matter even if it is a distance learning school. Applying for a specific online education means listing out what colleges do entertain their own online college courses, as of late universities like Yale, Standford, and Berkeley offer online classes with course work. Were scholarships for college students have now become an open option. Online college courses are flexible, however,… Read the rest

Merit or Need-based School Grants

Breaking down what a merit and need-based school grant happens to consist of can be confusing. For instance, a need-based school grant would be anyone singing up for finical aid or a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. A merit-based school grant offers students who show academic achievement or creative achievement with a part or full tuition reward that pays for everything. Now that we have the two standard school grants out of the way, you will need to specifically investigate which grant offers a student to continue their education through an online college. Because grants for education can only consist or remain valid if the student intends on going to an on-campus 4-year University. There are many grants focused… Read the rest

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